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Why is DiGi’s iPhone 4S plans the most affordable

Digi's iPhone 4S plan the most affordable because it has 3 interesting plan to choose suit to everyone's need.  With no more talk just take a look around.

The Digi's Plan

Compare the Plan

and the FAQ's are here too...

Frequently Asked Questions


What's new about the iPhone 4S?
A1.The iPhone 4S is built with 6 new key features:          
  • Siri - Apple's Intelligent Personal Assistant which helps you get things done just by asking
  • Dual-core A5 chip - delivers up to two times more power and up to seven times faster graphics
  • 8MP camera - with all-new optics, advanced colour accuracy and more
  • 1080p HD video-recording - shoot stunning HD videos everywhere you go!
  • iOS 5 - the world's most advanced mobile operating system with 200 new software features
  • iCloud - the easiest way to store and manage all your stuff online

Why is iPhone 4S more expensive compare to iPhone 4? Shouldn't it be much cheaper since the design and specification is almost similar to iPhone 4?
A2.The recommended retail price for the iPhone 4S is set by Apple and globally, the iPhone 4S is indeed priced higher as compared to the previous model. In addition to that, the new iPhone 4S is built with a faster processor, camera and SIRI which will give you the best mobile experience.

Q3.I already have an iPhone. Can I just sign up for an iDiGi plan?


No, iDiGi plans are only exclusive for subscribers who purchase a new iPhone from DiGi.
I have just signed up for an iDiGi plan a few weeks ago. Can I upgrade my iPhone 4 to the iPhone 4S?
A4.Dear sir/madam, we are sorry to announce that we will not be selling the iPhone 4S without any contract during launch. Therefore, you are unable to upgrade from iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S.
I am still tied to a DiGi contract. Can I buy the iPhone 4S from DiGi at full device price and then activate it using my existing plan?
A5.DiGi is sorry to announce that we will not be selling the iPhone 4S without a contract during launch. We will keep you updated if there is changes to this policy in the future.
I am existing iDiGi subscribers. Can I sign up for a new contract to enjoy the special discounts for iPhone 4S?
A6.Yes. Customers will need to pay a termination fee (RM 400) in order to migrate to the new iPhone
4S plan. However, selected iDiGi customers is allowed to have early contract renewal at DiGi Store Online before 28 February 2012.
Q7.I’m currently on the iDiGi rate plan for iPhone. Can I sign-up for supplementary lines?
A7.Yes, up to a maximum of 6 supplementary lines.


Can I MNP port-in to an iDiGi rate plan for iPhone?
A8.Yes. You will be given a MNP SIM card. Once you've received the "Welcome SMS" from DiGi, please return to the same DiGi store purchase for your iPhone within 7 days.
I have a principal line and supplementary plans with DiGi. If I change the principal line to iDiGi, what happens to my supplementary plans?
A9.Your supplementary lines will still be tagged to you, and their call plan stays the same (no changes). For example, if their current plan allows free calls between principal and supplementary lines (e.g. DG50, DG150), then it will remain free after you have switched to iDiGi.

I realized that there is a RM 100 registration fee for iPhone 4S. What is this fee for?
A10.The RM 100 registration fee is a processing fee which we impose to customers when they purchase the iPhone 4S. However, this fee is now waived until further notice.

What is the warranty period for iPhone 4S?
A11.The warranty period for your iPhone 4S is 12 months from the date of successful activation. In the event where a device replacement is necessary, you are advised to bring your phone to a DiGi Centre or DiGi Retail Centre for inspection. Please note that you may be charged a minimum amount of RM1,000 if the condition of your iPhone 4S does not comply with DiGi's APPLE Replacement Policy at the point of inspection by our DiGi Tech Specialist, regardless of whether the device is still Under Warranty or Out of Warranty. Please also note that the said amount is subject to change without prior notice.
My phone is faulty within 7 days of signing up/purchase. Will I be eligible for a one-to-one swap?
A12.Yes. Any dead-on-arrival or faulty handsets (within 7 days of purchase) is eligible for a one-to-one swap (terms and conditions of this limited warranty applies).


How many iPhone 4S models are there for me to choose from?
A13.DiGi will be launching 6 iPhone 4S models during our launch. The iPhone 4S models that DiGi will be selling are:
iPhone 4S 64GBYesYes
iPhone 4S 32GBYesYes
iPhone 4S 16GBYesYes


Can I choose the colour of my iPhone 4S?
A14.Yes. However, this is subjected to stock availability.


What are the credit limits of the iDiGi plans?
A15.Please refer to the table below (as per current Mass/Enterprise plans):
iDiGi PlanCredit Limit (RM)
Above 21 years
Credit Limit (RM)
18-20 years
Credit Limit (RM)
iDiGi 88300300300
iDiGi 138 400 400400
iDiGi 238 700 700700
Is there any advance payments required when signing up (with iPhone 4S purchase) for the iDiGi rate plans?
Payment MethodAdvance Payment
Cash/Credit Card (single swipe)No
Easy Payment Plan (EPP) - 24 months(24 months x rate plan) + 6% service tax
Easy Payment Plan (EPP) - 36 months*(24 months x rate plan) + 6% service tax
* Normal monthly fees is payable to DiGi in addition to installment paid to bank from month 25 onwards (year 3)


What are the credit cards allowed for my payment options?
A17.For single swipe credit card transactions:
• You may use any credit card except Diners

For Easy Payment Plan:
• For EPP (24 months) - Maybank, Citibank, Ambank, RHB, Public Bank, HSBC and CIMB
• For EPP (36 months) - Maybank, Citibank, Ambank, RHB and Public Bank
Q18.What do you mean by EPP 36 months?
A18.EPP 36 months refers to the 0% interest free easy payment option that we have. What you will be charged for is: iPhone price + 24 months of advance monthly fee (inclusive of 6% service tax) – all discounts. The total is divided into installment by your credit card bank, to be paid over 36 months, with no interest charged.


If I sign up for the EPP 24+12, how much do I need to pay after 24 months?
A19.After 24 months, you will still need to pay your credit card company the monthly installments (as specified by the All-In-One price) for another 12 months. On top of that, DiGi will start billing you the Monthly Fee of your iDiGi call plan (Either RM 88, RM 138 or RM 238).


Is there any rebate for auto-billing on the iDiGi packages?
A20.Yes. There will be RM5 rebate per month off from your monthly bill.

Can I use my remaining monthly rebate to offset my premature termination fee?
A21.No. Upon termination, the rebate for remaining month will be forfeited immediately.


Can I check how much free voice/SMS/MMS units that I have consume?
A22.At the moment, there is no way for you to check for your remaining free units. However, you can access the Online Customer Service portal and view the itemized bill. Usage of free units will appear as zero rated.


Can I downgrade my iDiGi call plan without incurring early contract termination fees?
A23.No. Customers are unable to downgrade their iDiGi plan at any point of time. If customers insist of downgrading their iDiGi plan, customers will need to pay the early contract termination penalty.

What is the Internet speed that I will be enjoying when I sign up for your iDiGi plans?
A24.Customers on the iDiGi 88/138/238 plans will be enjoying an average likely speed of 700 kbps(D/L) and 200 kbps (U/L).

The badge are here too:

For more information refer here.

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